What We Manage

Residential, Commercial Property Management Burnaby BC

At Eco-World Property Management, we understand that homes aren’t like other assets. They’re special and they mean something different to each owner. That’s why we treat every property with attention and professionalism, providing a level of service that far exceeds other firms. Eco-World Property Management provides exceptional management services across a range of properties. Our expertise includes a residential focus on single family house, strata condo & townhouse and rental building management. We are also licensed and trained to work with all aspects of commercial property management, bringing strategic partnerships and advanced systems to every client.


Eco-World Property Management

Residential Rental

The Eco-World management approach helps residential rental properties thrive. At Eco-World, we have extensive experience with rental properties. From insight into efficiently managing buildings to understanding the current rental marketplace, our team will help you achieve enhanced profitability. A well-run property attracts better tenants.

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Commercial Properties

Discover How Eco-World can make the difference to your commercial property. At Eco-World, we know how complex commercial properties can be. We are licensed and trained to work with all aspect of managing properties. Our advanced systems and extensive resources provide anticipatory service to minimize expenses, thereby contributing to your profitability and ROI.

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