Careers Eco-World Property Management

Eco-World Property Management is the ideal environment for top-notch, highly motivated property managers, who want to concentrate on their clients. We provide associates with the office support system that could function efficiently, and our company-wide focus is to create a productive environment for your personal success.


Where are you in your career? Are you just starting, established, or building a sales team of your own? You’ll soon find Eco-World Property Management can give you the brand image you need to maintain and start your career while giving you more capital to invest back into your business, no matter where you are in your career. .

Private and semi private offices are available as well as shared accommodations that include the latest computer equipment, presentation areas, and boardrooms, all staffed by trained professionals who will help your business run with both less effort and more productivity. We encourage you to select an area you would like to work in and we’ll put you in direct contact with the right people.

To learn more please contact Vince Eidsness at or call at 604 715 8094. We would love to hear from you!